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Hi, my name is Andrey Pingachev, welcome to my website. 


"...Andrey Pingachev is a bright interesting painter. 


"His works are done in a true-to-life manner (landscape and still-life painting), noted for their bright perfect colorful composition and variety of forms, where reality comes to be the symbol of the inner essence. His still-life paintings are done in an old-fashion manner, which could be vividly distinguished by the feeling of reality. Glossy tree and amber bunch of grapes, crystal wine glass, and pearls, fur, and metal are painted very hylic. He is known for his sense of perspective and spatiality and ability to create unhacked compositions.  Landscapes are full of light and air. You can feel a sizzling spell of weather and spicy fragrances of the Crimea, salty sea breeze, and charming melancholy of the autumn.  Landscapes with the architecture of old streets are breathtaking.  His works combine the old-fashioned manner of reproduction of forms with impressionists' manner of reproduction of color, air, and light. That gives us a right to say that his manner is unique and in a class by itself. "






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