Andrey Pingachev is currently living in Vancouver, Canada. 
 As a teacher of drawing and painting he has been awarded with tens of certificates in recognition of his teaching skills. He's been a frequent participant in various art exhibitions such as International Art Saloon 2004 (Moscow) ,“Spring Blossom” Exhibitions 2010 (New York, NY), “Inspiration of Spring” International Exhibition 2010 (New York, NY) , Artexpo New York ,NY 2011 as well as some exhibitions in New York in 2018. In 2010 he became a member of New York’s fine art community. Since 2012 he is member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) and a regular participant of the FCA exhibitions. 

     His artworks are in private collections in Russia, Israel, France, Germany, USA and Canada. 
"...Andrey Pingachev is a bright creative painter. His works (landscapes and still-lifes) are done in a true-to-life manner and are noted for their bright perfect colorful composition and variety of forms, where reality comes to be the symbol of the inner essence. Although his still-life paintings are done in an old-fashion manner, they are distinguished by the feeling of reality. Amber and bunches of grapes, crystal wine glasses and pearls, fur and metal are all painted as real as a model. Andrey is known for his sense of perspective, spatialty and ability to create harmonious compositions."



                                                                                                                                           -From Newmoscow Newspaper