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My name is Andrey Pingachev.

 I was destined to become an artist even before I was born. My father was an artist himself and my mother is a teacher of sculpture. They told me that I started playing with brushes and paints when I was 1. That was my start.

 My father accepted City Hall’s offer to open the first art school for children in town. When I was 11 I started to study fine arts there including such subjects as drawing, watercolor painting, composition, sculpture, and history of fine arts. My best childhood memories are related to the time I spent in that school. Each classroom had its own look and smell: watercolors, clay, paper, and slide image film. I can still remember it like it was just yesterday.

 I continued studying Fine Arts at Art College (1988-1992) and State University (1993-1998). After my graduation in 1998, I came back to my hometown to join my family as a teacher of drawing, painting, and sculpture in my old art school.

 Teaching was my favorite. Sure enough, I became one of the most popular and respected young teachers. During 10 years of working in the school, I was awarded multiple times for extraordinary achievements in teaching. I still keep receiving my former students’ kind and heartwarming letters thanking me for opening the way to the world of art.

 At present time I am residing in Vancouver (Canada). I participate in gallery showcases and exhibitions and explore new ways to express myself with new forms or styles of visual arts. I hope that one day my classic art style will become useful to the coming generations of artists that want to begin their journey.


Sincerely, Andrey Pingachev

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